Calibre Insurance is a new brand of commercial insurance providing practical, straightforward protection for Australian businesses through a wide network of brokers.

We are focused on the commercial needs of Australian businesses that have chosen to use brokers to manage their insurance.

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As at 31 August 2017 Calibre Commercial Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 86 603 039 023, AFSL 474540) (‘Calibre Insurance’) ceased to be a subsidiary of ultimate parent company Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (‘Munich Re’) and part of the Munich Re group.

All references with regards to the ownership of Calibre Insurance by Munich Re within insurance policies and other Calibre issued documentation will be updated to reflect this change. Find Out More.


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Latest Updates

Stamp Duty

16th November 2017

The NSW Government is introducing a Stamp Duty exemption for small businesses in NSW with an aggregate turnover of less than $2m. Read more information about what the Stamp Duty changes are, what you need to do, amendments to our systems and when the changes will take effect.


11th September 2017

The NSW Insurance Monitor has released guidelines requiring Calibre Insurance to include information regarding the reinstatement of the NSW ESL rate on policy documentation.

Information for brokers – GLA change of name

11th September 2017

Effective 30 December 2016 our insurer, Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE has transferred its registered office from the United Kingdom and become a limited liability company incorporated in Germany. Its name has changed to Great Lakes Insurance SE^.

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* This information is intended for intermediaries only. Please note that ratings can change from time to time and is accurate as at 11/01/2017. You can view Great Lakes Insurance SE’s (Great Lakes Australia’s) rating at www.standardandpoors.com.au or https://www.munichre.com/en/ir/ratings/ratings-01/index.html.

^These figures relate to claims on Calibre Business Package policies with an effective date of 1 January 2016.

Please see full policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Policies are issued by Calibre Commercial Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 86 603 039 023| AFSL 474540) (‘Calibre Insurance’) acting under a binder as agent for the insurer Great Lakes Insurance SE (ARBN 127 740 532 | ABN 18 964 580 576 | AFSL 318603) trading as Great Lakes Australia (‘GLA’). Great Lakes Insurance SE is a limited liability company incorporated in Germany.