Emergency Repair Service

We have been reviewing our repair network to ensure the optimum support and we have secured an arrangement with Emergency Trade Services (ETS).

We believe our new service will improve the experience for you and your clients, simplifying the process, improving access to appropriate services, and speeding up the response at the time of the incident.

Our Emergency Repair Service means that you are now able to appoint our approved service provider directly when emergency repairs are required before the claim is registered.  The service is available immediately and is accessible 24/7.



  1. Call ETS on 1300 755 455.
  2. Mention that you have a policy with Calibre Insurance and provide the policy number.
  3. Have loss address available.
  4. Let them know the details of the incident.
  5. Report the claim to Calibre Insurance via email or our online claims notification form. Please note that you have appointed ETS directly.
  6. The Calibre Insurance Claims team will then work with ETS and undertake any further action as required.



  • You can directly appoint ETS to undertake emergency repairs to prevent further damage and mitigate the loss
  • ETS will contact the insured within 30 minutes of receiving your call*
  • ETS will appoint a contractor within 30 minutes of the contact with the insured*
  • A repairer will attend the insured location within 2 hours of being appointed unless otherwise agreed with the insured*
  • This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and nationwide.

Note: this service is intended for emergency repairs only at the time of a claim.
*Timeframes may vary during significant weather and catastrophic events.



Download the Emergency Repair Service reference sheet

Visit the Emergency Trade Services website.