Certificate of Currency

Select the system below to find out how to obtain a Certificate of Currency.

If you have any questions please contact the Underwriting Service Centre on 1300 306 226.


Please print out the pdf below to see instructions on how to print a Certificate of Currency on Callibrate.

The SVU system generates a COC for each policy. However, in the following limited scenarios you may need to generate a manual COC, by completing these steps:

1. COC for outdoor seating/signage, one off events etc. In the freeform business description box you are able to place this description, which will automatically flow into the system generated COC for you to print off. (Please note that if it is a One off event request, these should be referred in for an underwriter to review).

2. If the interested party name is too long for the free form field and is therefore not correct on the system generated COC, please refer this in for an underwriter to add the full name of the interested party as a manuscript endorsement.