How do I contact my Development Manager?

Contact details for Calibre Insurance’s Development Managers are available online. Alternatively please call 1300 306 226 for more information.

How do I update my details?

Your details or your brokerage’s details can easily be updated online or please contact your Development Manager.

What is Calibre Insurance’s Complaint Handling Process?

Calibre Insurance’s Complaint Handling process can be viewed online.

Complaints can be registered by calling 1300 306 226.

Where can I find Calibre Insurance’s Terms and Conditions of Trade

Calibre Insurance’s Terms and Conditions of Trade is available online to view or download.

How do I order a Policy Wording?

Hard copy Business Package policy wordings can be ordered via our online ordering system. Our Specialty Liability and Fire Protection Industry wordings are available for download via the website only.

Please visit our Online Ordering page for further information.

How do I get a quote?

Depending on what product you are interested in quotes can either be generated online or you can download an application form. Please visit the product page to find out more.

Calibre Business Package Insurance- Callibrate

Calibre Steadfast Business Package Insurance- Callibrate or SVU

Specialty Liability – download an application form.

Fire Protection Industry – download an application form.


Who do I contact to discuss a claim?

Claims contact details are available online. You can also access emergency contact details if required.

How do I access claim forms?

Claim forms are available to download.


I am having trouble accessing a Calibre Insurance System?

If you are experiencing issues with your user id or password for a Calibre Insurance system please call Technical Support on 1300 306 226 or email techsupport@calibreinsurance.com.au


Download a pdf of technical FAQs

How do I gain access to Callibrate?

For access to Sunrise, you will first need an Ebix Intermediary ID.

If you do not have one, you will need to contact Ebix on 1800 331 018 to arrange. Calibre Insurance cannot arrange this on your behalf.

Once you receive your Ebix Intermediary ID, please contact your Development Manager, who will walk you through the process of connecting to Calibre Insurance products. The Technical Support team can help you with this if you are unsure who your Development Manager is.

Once we receive all your details, it usually takes a few weeks for the connection to be completed. You will then receive an email from Ebix with instructions on how you can configure your broker system to allow access to Calibre Insurance products.

How do I access training on Callibrate?

Complete our request training form and we will be in contact to arrange suitable training for you.

Who can help me with Callibrate system problems?

Technical Support can assist you with any access of technical issue relating to our systems.

Please contact them on 1300 306 226 or email techsupport@calibreinsurance.com.au.


Please refer to our guide on adding interested parties.


Please refer to our helpful guide on printing from Callibrate.


How do I get access to SVU?

To get access to Calibre SCTP Business Package Insurance on SVU, please contact your Steadfast representative. They will initiate the process to set up access for you.