Glass Repair Service

Experts making it easy

O’Brien Glass will provide a quick and straightforward response to repairing all types of broken glass.

O’Brien Glass Repair Service

  • Quick and straightforward response to all types of glass claims
  • 24/7 response
  • No claim lodgement required
  • Once initially contacted by the insured, O’Brien Glass liaise directly with Calibre Insurance
  • E-Link tracking

Simple, quick and straightforward service for your clients.

How the process works

  1. Option 1: All the insured needs to do is call O’Brien Glass on 1800 633 721 and provide the following details:
    their policy number
    – loss address and
    – incident details
    Option 2: Alternatively, you can visit the dedicated online form for brokers, provide the required details, and select Calibre Insurance from the drop down options for Insurer/Underwriter.
  2. O’Brien Glass will contact Calibre directly to finalise the claim.



Visit the O’Brien website to find out more about the services provided:

For clients:
Clients can lodge their claim online.

For brokers:
Use the dedicated online form for brokers and select ‘Calibre Insurance’ from the drop down options for Insurer/Underwriter.


Please contact us with any questions or feedback.


P: 1300 306 226