Insurelink Enhancements

Since launching Insurelink in April, we have been enhancing the system in direct response to broker feedback. We appreciate your input which has enabled us to simplify and improve your Insurelink experience.

The enhancements and changes we have made provide you with increased quoting opportunities and over the last few months, we have seen an improvement of around 15% in our quote rate.

With a:

reduced question set
questions being more relevant to each specific occupation
increased occupation acceptability and
less overall referrals, 

you will find that the quote process is simpler, quicker and our upfront quote acceptance has increased.



Here’s a summary of some of the recent changes:

November 2018


  • The number of acceptable occupations has been expanded further with the addition of over 500 new occupations. For example, we have increased the number of occupations now acceptable for Non PO Liability by more than 430.
    Some examples:

    • Carpenter (incl. Licensed Builders)
    • Auto-Electrician Operation (incl. Commercial Vehicles above 5T carrying capacity & Heavy Vehicles)
    • Fire Protection Consultant
    • Occupational Health & Safety Consultancy Service
  • We have significantly increased our acceptability of all sections which include hundreds of occupations in the manufacturing segment such as:
    • Dressed Building Timber Manufacturing
    • Glass Bottles Manufacturing
    • Stainless Steel Manufacturing


The total number of individual questions has reduced by around 20% as we make the question set quicker and easier for you to complete.
Some examples of questions we no longer ask:

  • Property section

    • Does the manager of the business have 3 or more years’ experience in the industry as a restaurant/cafe manager?
    • What is the percentage of turnover from manufacturing of products including any mixing or decanting
  • Non PO Liability section

    • Does the business hold a current professional indemnity policy with a Sum Insured of at least $2M or more?
    • Does the business manager have at least 2 years’ experience in manufacturing each type of product they produce?
  • We have reduced the average number of the remaining questions asked on any one occupation. An example: Blind Manufacturing (Metal) (excl. Timber & Plastic)
    We previously asked 8 primary occupation specific questions on the Property Damage section and 5 on Liability. We now only ask 4 on the Property section and 3 on Liability.
  • We have reviewed the question set and no longer ask obvious questions or questions that conflict with the occupation description, reducing the overall number of questions.

So, for example if, the occupation description includes or obviously indicates deep frying we will no longer ask if deep frying is conducted and if an occupation description excludes deep frying, no questions about deep frying will be asked. 

This update was initiated in direct response to a suggestion from a broker, and implemented on the system within 3 weeks!

Send us your feedback.




Removal of Calibre’s Cooking Condition Endorsement J232 – FOOD HEATING & COOKING

Many of you will be pleased to hear that we have removed the endorsement related to Food Heating & Cooking and it will no longer apply to both new business and renewals on Insurelink transacted and incepting from 1 December 2018.





Here are some further updates recently made to make the process easier and increase your opportunity to quote on Insurelink

  • We have recently refreshed our occupation list by updating some descriptions with clearer information and removing duplicates.
  • Address validation has been implemented for new business with a manual override if the address cannot be found. This validation will be rolled out to all transactions over time.
  • A direct link to the applicable Policy Wording is now available within Insurelink.



If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Development Manager.

Alternatively you can call us on 1300 306 226 or email technical support or our Underwriting Service Centre.